Pumps Direct Inc.

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About Us - Pumps Direct Inc. strives to deliver the best in high-value, low-priced drum pumps.

Pumps Direct Inc. was formed to provide the end user of Drum Pumps a less expensive way to purchase the pumps they need.

Our primary goal is to make this an easy process.
If you know what type of pump you need, want a simple process, need dependable delivery and do not want a long conversation in order to buy one pump or a couple hundred pumps, then contact us.

Pumps Direct will work to conduct business as you would like. Let us know how we can meet your company’s needs. If there is anything we can do to be a better supplier for your company please let us know.

Pumps Direct represent a variety of manufactures. We offer both domestic and foriegn pumps in order to offer a higher quality product at the best prices.

Pumps Direct is interested in your feedback. We want satisfied customers. Please tell us about any special programs we can set up for you in order to help manage your company’s pump needs. Thank you for your business!


One of Our Missions

The owners of this company believe in helping people who are less fortunate. We try to be charitable in our activities and with our profits. We regularly participate in fundraisers and contribute directly to some good, non-profit organizations.

One goal that our company has is to donate 25% of our profits to the McHenry County PADS Organization. They provide a place to eat, clean up and sleep for the areas homeless people. Another good organization we donate to is Home of the Sparrow. They provide all types of assistance to homeless women with children. Contact us for more info on where you can donate.
We hope you and your company can spread the word that American companies can operate with the intentetion of serving their customers as well as be a charitable member of their community.