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Order Info - Pumps Direct Inc. strives to deliver the best in high-value, low-priced drum pumps.

Payment Terms – Payment is due the day the product ships. If you are paying by check we will allow for 3 days for the delivery of the mail. Because we are a small company with aggressive margins we do charge a late fee on past due accounts. After 10 days there is a 2% fee. After 30 days there is an additional 3% fee. Please contact us if you cannot pay within 45 days because the late fees will be higher.

Order Acceptance – Pumps Direct Inc reserves the right to accept or not accept an order from a customer. We will provide an acceptance notice and invoice to all orders that we intend to process within 2 days via email.

Shipping Information – Normal order processing time and packaging for a shipment is two (2) days. Most orders are filled in one (1) day. If we cannot process and ship the order in two days we will notify the customer by email or phone. All packages will be shipped regular ground UPS. If a customer would like to have other types of shipping arrangement they can make that request. We can usually accommodate other types of shipping such as next day or another carrier. The customer is responsible for all shipping charges. These charges may be added to your invoice, ordered on your carrier account or done as a customer collect. Pumps Direct Inc will handle the costs of packaging the order.

Product Warranty – Our manufactures have excellent quality programs in place to eliminate product defects. We expect that the product you receive will operate as we intend it to for a long time. If our product does not function properly in the first 30 days you can contact us for an authorization to return the product for a refund or an exchange. We will not refund any more money than the price the product was purchased for.

Product Liability – Pumps Direct Inc. will not be liable for or assume any liability for damages beyond the cost of the pump that was purchased and returned.

Privacy Notice – We do not share any of our customer information with anyone outside of our company. No one internal to Pumps Direct Inc will use any of our customer information for anything other than for our business. If there is an opportunity that may benefit our customers we will notify and ask our customers for permission to share specific information that may be pertinent to that opportunity.

Product Information and Claims – All of the information that we have displayed and provided is done so with the best of our knowledge and the belief that the information is accurate. We will not be responsible for any inaccuracies in our information. If there is a question or you notice an incorrect statement, please contact us so we may correct or clarify it. If the situation occurs after you have purchased the product and it is within 30 days of your purchase we will review the feasibility of doing an exchange of your product with another product or a return of the product for a refund.