Electric PVDF Liquid Transfer Pump Package


Packages includes:

  • Dispensing nozzle
  • PVC flexible hose
  • Barrel adapter
  • Wall storage bracket
  • Hose clamps
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Product Description

35 GPM variable speed electric motor, PVDF body pump is designed to transfer a variety of concentrated and aggressive liquids such as sulfuric acid 66 baumé, propionic acid, concentrated nitric (98%) and hydrofluoric acid.  The variable speed motor is valuable in many applications and adapts better to pumping conditions.  This will fit the standard 55 gallon drums with a 2″ opening.  The pump is capable of pumping compatible liquids at a temperature of -20°F if not frozen or liquids with a temperature as low as 32°F.  The packages includes a dispensing nozzle, PVC flexible hose, barrel adapter, wall storage bracket, hose clamps.

Standard voltage is 220V.
Many electric pumps can be equipped for 110V if you specify this option.